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Does community spirit exist in London?

Rentonomy was very interested to see the great work done by the folks behind the 2009-10 Citizenship Survey which provides an in-depth examination of Community Spirit. It looks at how people feel about their communities (for example, whether they enjoy living in it and how strongly they feel they belong to it). It also explores the extent to which people feel they get on with people from different backgrounds and how and where people mix with each other. We picked out a few interesting things regarding London.

  • When asked about satisfaction with local area, 83% of Londoners said they were satisfied. This includes 32% who said they were very satisfied. Overall, London ranks in the middle but it is comes out on top when looking at the fairly satisfied measure.
  • 21% of Londoners think their area has got better in the last year, a higher proportion than any other region. Interestingly it also comes out top for people who think the area has got worse (26%). It has the fewest number of people who think the area has stayed the same, which says a lot about the changing nature of London.
  • A very interesting statistic is that London is the region with the highest proportion of people who do not enjoy living in local neighbourhoods (7.5%).
  • 28% of people in London definitely agree that people from different backgrounds get on well together. This is the highest percentage of any reason. Looking at all who agree (not just strongly) London is still top, but joint with the South West.
  • The same pattern is true for whether their local area is a place where people respect ethnic differences. More people strongly agree in London than anywhere else.
  • London came out on top when people were asked about if and where they mixed socially with people from different backgrounds. In all categories including Home or their home, Work, school or college Child’s crache, nursery or school, Pub, club, cafe or restaurant, Group, club or organisation you belong, Shops, Place of worship, Open public place, Public building , Formal volunteering and Informal volunteering
  • London came top. This reflects the mixed cosmopolitan nature of the city. Not surprisingly, the place where people say they had most meaningful interactions with other kinds of people was shops!
March 2, 2012 rentonomy London Living