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A quiet drink or two

Finding somewhere for a quiet drink on a Friday or Saturday night in London can be a real challenge. You’re more likely to win the lottery than find a table to sit at and you’ll probably spend most of your evening queuing at the bar just to get a drink. And if you do find somewhere the music will undoubtedly be too loud to hear what the other person is saying.

Now I don’t want to sound old before my time but sometimes a quiet drink in beautiful surroundings is just what you need, whether you’re on a first date, having a catch up with an old friend or need to talk business. So where can you find this? Well hotel bars often fit the bill and with so many luxurious hotels in the capital there are loads to choose from and don’t worry – you don’t need to be a guest to enjoy them.

There are loads to choose from but here’s are some of the best hotel bars in London (in our opinion anyway):

  • The Connaught ( The Connaught optimises elegance and has two beautiful bars to choose from. Both a dark and luxurious with large welcoming sofas and arm chairs. As you’d expect the cocktails are superb and all drinks come with an endless supply of crisps and olives. Check out the water fountains that go off every 15 minutes just outside the front of the hotel.
  • The W Hotel ( A bit more lively than the Connaught, the bar at the W Hotel is modern and funky. A live DJ plays regularly which will get you in the mood to visit the adjoining club / bar – Wyld to party into the early hours. Just make sure you got on the guest list to secure entry.
  • Browns ( Browns combines the modern with the traditional perfectly. The small bar area is tucked away and offers a cosy retreat where you can enjoy live jazz Monday to Saturday from 9pm until midnight.
  • The Blue Bar ( The Blue Bar at the Berkley is a popular celebrity hangout and has a distinct buzz whilst still overing the intimacy of a small luxurious hotel bar. The bar serves over 50 different whiskies and offers sweet and savoury tapas-style dishes to accompany your drinks.
  • 45 Park Lane ( 45 Park Lane is a relatively new hotel that is part of the Dorchester Collection’s portfolio of luxury hotels. The bar itself is relatively small and situated above the already well renowed steak restaurant below. The cocktail list is extensive and features a variety of interesting tea infused spirits that sit in clear tea-pots on the bar.
  • The Sanderson ( The famous Long Bar at the Sanderson (so called as it measures 80 ft in length) can get pretty lively and is perhaps not the perfect choice for a quiet drink. However, the adjoining courtyard is much more relaxed with plenty of seating and is the perfect venue on a warm summer’s evening.
March 20, 2012 rentonomy London Living