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7 areas defining South London

South London, or Saaaf London as it’s sometimes referred to by locals, is a charming part of the capital often overlooked because of a perceived lack of transport options. While a dearth of connectivity might have been an issue in the past, today there are plenty of transport links in towns south of the river. There’s also an abundance of green space and lower rental prices. These are seven areas we think are defining South London right now.

Clapham, SW4

Eighties gentrification saw Clapham emerge as one of the most in-demand areas in the London. The town is split into Clapham Common and Clapham Junction and has a good mix of young professionals and funky creatives. An eclectic selection of restaurants, pubs, cafes and bars make Clapham an ideal place for a relaxing afternoon meal or an evening of socialising with friends. You can expect to pay around £300 per week for a one-bedroom property, £450 for a two bedroom, and £525 for a three bed-and-up property.

Lewisham, SE13

Located just seven miles from central London, Lewisham’s popularity has shot through the roof in recent years. Excellent transport connections and a plethora of new homes have been two of the main reasons for the increased interest. There’s also the Zone 2 location, green spaces and a suburban feel that is drawing tenants to SE13. The average rent for a one-bedroom property is £262 per week, two-bedroom properties command £350 per week, and three-bed plus properties achieve £420 per week.

Brixton, SW9

Trendy, funky and vibrant. These are all adjectives that have are used to describe Brixton. Once a notorious no-go area (especially if you were coming from across the river), ‘Bricky’, as it’s affectionately known as by locals, is a bustling hub of creativity, live music venues and a 24/7 carnival atmosphere. A young crowd inhabit SW9, and there is a good mix of start-up businesses and high-street favourites, plus a Tube station on the Victoria Line. A one-bedroom property will cost around £325 per week, a two bedroom is £400 per week, and three bedrooms-and-up start at £515.

Peckham, SE15

It’s not only fools and horses in Peckham these days. In fact, you’re more likely to find trendy professionals making their way in the world and enjoying Peckham’s newly found artistic scene. From art galleries to lively night spots, there’s an exciting and creative vibe in SE15, while the open spaces of Peckham Rye offer an alternative to the enthralling town atmosphere. The average price of a one-bedroom home in Peckham is £330 per week, a two-bedroom property will cost £425 per week, and three bed-and-up properties command £550 per week.

Croydon, CR0

We’re not sure what it is about South-London areas and their nicknames, but we have to admit that The Cronx has a nice ring to it. Why’s it called The Cronx, you ask? Recent regeneration and a thriving art scene in Croydon have seen it draw parallels with The Bronx in New York. Not a bad comparison at all. A one-bedroom rental in Croydon comes on the market for around £215 per week, two-beds cost £290 per week, and three beds and higher achieve £350 per week.

Crystal Palace, SE19

You may have heard murmurings about Dulwich being the Hampstead of South London, but we think a trip to Crystal Palace might reveal the real NW3 of the south. For starters, it enjoys a location on a very steep hill that affords spectacular views of the capital. There’s an abundance of gastropubs, a few boutiques and a rather lovely park landscape for residents to enjoy. Plus, it’s a fair bit cheaper than living in either Hampstead or Dulwich. One-bedroom property costs around £250 per week, two-bedroom homes go on the market for £315 per week, and three-bedrooms plus achieve £425 per week.

Herne Hill, SE24

If you want a mixture of families and young professionals, look no further than Herne Hill. There is a blend of Victorian and Edwardian properties, with some of them converted into apartments to provide a range of living. A strong restaurant scene, quaint cafes and the vast open spaces of Brockwell Park only add to the allure of SE24. One bedroom properties in Herne Hill go for around £300 per week, two bedrooms market for £380, and three-beds-plus cost £500 per week.


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