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7 areas defining East London

We recently covered seven areas defining north London, and now we’re turning our attention to seven areas to keep an eye on in East London.

Over the last 10 years, east London has experienced a real boom in popularity. Canary Wharf is a popular residential hotspot, the City has some of the most expensive places to rent in the capital, Shoreditch and Old Street are cultural hubs and have become the envy of the rest of London, and the 2012 Olympics has completely regenerated the borough of Newham.

But what about the other areas in East London; the new, up-and-coming hotspots? Read on and discover which areas we think you should consider moving to in the East.

Stratford, E15

Stratford has been one of the biggest benefactors of the 2012 Olympics, seeing a significant amount of regeneration that has brought new residential developments, restaurants, shops and the small matter of Westfield Stratford City. It’s fast becoming the go-to area for many renters looking for accommodation in the capital.

Average prices for one-bedroom properties in Stratford are £1,270 per month, two-bedroom properties average £1,660, and three-bedroom properties have an average price of £2,135.

Hackney, E8

Enjoy world-class coffee at Square Mile Coffee, experience the independent bars and pubs, or sample delightful shops and markets in Hackney, an area that is brimming with artistic flavour, creativity in abundance, quaint delights and chilled out vibes.

The average price for a one-bedroom property in Hackney is £1,470, while two-bedroom properties average £1,925, and three-bedroom properties command around £2,510 per month.

Mile End and Bow, E3

If you can imagine pretty canals and pockets of open spaces mixed with lively bars, independent shops and excellent travel links, then you’re probably thinking of Mile End and nearby Bow. Gentrification has very much become a theme in the latter. Whether you feel like that’s a good or bad thing, there will be at least be lovely gastropubs to dine in.

Average monthly rents for one-bedroom properties in Bow and Mile End are £1,235, two-bedroom properties average £1,735, and three-bedroom properties command around £2,130 per month.

Leyton, E10

Leyton is shredding its football-heavy reputation and forming a new one as a trendy East London hotspot. Unlike its Stratford neighbour, Leyton doesn’t rely on modern new apartment blocks and large shopping centres for its popularity. Instead, you will find upgraded storefronts to local high street shops, and a selection of restaurants and pubs.

The average price of a one-bedroom property in Leyton is £1,190 per month, while two-bedroom properties command around £1,555 per month, and three-bedroom properties will cost around £2,025 per month.

Wapping, E1W

Located in the London Borough of Hamlets, Wapping’s riverside setting has seen it become the envy of the rest of East London. There is a strong sense of maritime history here which was reinvigorated with brand new warehouse apartments, riverside pubs and bars, and quaint cobbled streets with independent shops.

One-bedroom properties average £1,500 per month in Wapping, while two-bedroom properties command £1,960, and three-bedroom properties average £2,600 per month.

Bethnal Green, E2

Bethnal Green has become a polished diamond in recent years, so much so that this E2 postal town now boasts its very own boutique hotel. Throw a flower market, a good selection of bars and restaurants, and a Tube stop on the Central Line into the mix, and you have an area that has managed to keep its ‘East End flavour’ while still managing to cater to a whole new audience.

One-bedroom properties average £1,490 per month, two-bedroom properties cost around £2,040, and three-bedroom properties average £2,640 per month.

Canning Town and Custom House, E16

The east London suburb has recently had a regeneration project worth £3.7 billion approved, which suggests exciting times are ahead. The project will see 10,000 new homes constructed in the area, two new town centres and a station on the highly anticipated Elizabeth Line, formerly known as the Crossrail.

The average rent per month for a one-bedroom property in Canning Town is £1,450, while two-bedroom properties average £1,925 per month, and three-bedroom properties average £2,550 per month.

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